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Mieke ten Have, NYC, Home Editor Vogue Magazine

Julia was invaluable. I was so fortunate to have her help plan my wedding. She completely tailored it to what I had in mind.  She is a party planner par excellence and was instrumental in inspiring me to take the risks I was nervous to take. You really need someone whose taste you trust. Her level of taste is impeccable— there is nothing manufactured/redundant/contrived in anything she does. Everything she creates is charm-filled & personal. I honestly cannot recommend her more highly; I don't know of anyone else who can do what she does. Her intuitive sense of style- from food to decor- coupled with her practical understanding of what fundamental elements constitute a great party makes her incredibly unique.

Elizabeth Beaman, NYC, Head of American Art Christies NY

Meadowood Country Club directed me to Julia Lake and I have never been more grateful.  I was initially charmed by her whimsical website.  She seemed to value elegance but never loses sight of having fun.  After my first phone conversation, I was sold.  Her infectious personality and laid back spirit put me immediately at ease and I knew that as long as I was in her capable and creative hands, it would be a breeze to plan our wedding from the opposite coast.  I had a vision, inspired by the fabrics of de Gournay, to embark on a Chinoiserie Chic theme.  While I had a few broad strokes in mind, it was Julia who transformed this concept into a reality.  Every detail was absolutely perfect and, much like an artist, she created a stunning tableau- my fantasies come to life.  Julia was delightful throughout the entire process and I would recommend her highly to anyone who values innovation, astounding creativity and spunk!

Sam Kaspick, Director of Fundraising for the Hillary Campaign

The best decision I ever made in my life was asking my wife to marry me (but I have to say that, don't I?). The second best was hiring Julia to plan our wedding. Seriously. Let me tell you, when you are looking to hire someone at Julia's level of talent, skill, (and price), you're going to get someone who is on top of his or her game. Your wedding will run without a snag; people will have a wonderful time. Hire Julia if you want your wedding to be magical in ways you can't even comprehend. Hire Julia if you want your guests to remember your wedding as much as you do and bring it up EVERY TIME YOU SEE THEM. Hire Julia if you want to feel indebted to your wedding planner for the rest of your life for making your entire existence better. Julia does what all great wedding planners do—she reads your minds when it comes to aesthetics, she seems to will the perfect vendors into existence, and she has an attention to detail NASA engineers could covet. On top of that, though, you will fall in love with her for the MOUNTAIN of magic she brings to every step on your journey, because of HER love of and dedication to YOU, and for her spirit and heart. You will never forget her—I promise.

Lindsey Wiseman, St. Helena, CA, Real Estate Agent

I cannot begin to thank Julia Lake enough for her matchless creativity, outstanding professionalism and her kindness.  She listened to our needs and exceeded our expectations.  Julia coordinated a totally seamless event and handled everything from design to set up, music, the ceremony, photographer ... on and on. I had asked her to pull together a weekend of activities which any mere mortal would have found impossible.  She hired the most incredibly professional and lovely team and worked 24/7 to deliver the most perfect weekend of events to us & our guests. I immediately fell in love with her the minute I tripped across her website. It was everything I dreamed for my wedding - elegantly styled with a refreshing air of simplicity.   Over the course of nine months she asked all the right questions to get to know each of us and our life stories.  Every once in a while Julia would send us a sneak peek of what she was working on for our wedding and I would go into fits of excitement. Julia was literally weaving together designs that perfectly told the story of my future husband and I - not only had she really listened to what we wanted but she had clearly drawn a huge amount of inspiration from our ranch and our back stories. She encouraged us to push the budget in some areas and cut back in others so that at the end of the day we were very happy with our budget and knew that every penny had been well thought out and was a penny well spent.  Julia rocked our world. If you choose to work with Julia, the dreams she will weave together for you will become the memories you get to hold on to forever more.  There is no better gift than beautiful memories made with the ones you love the most.  

Katherine Dunn, Chapel Hill, NC, Wedding Planner

I’m actually a wedding planner in North Carolina but had a Napa wedding.  I hired Julia to help with my wedding because I loved her from the first email & wanted someone I really trusted.  I am super OCD & never once worried that she didn't have things taken care of.  I trusted her opinion & gave her full discretion to handle our weekend.  She’s upbeat, positive, energetic, creative, enthusiastic, thoughtful, thorough, etc and just generally fun to be around (which I think is really important).  On top of helping plan our entire weekend, she also custom made 1920's headpieces for all the ladies that attended my wedding and they were PHENOMENAL!  Literally the highlight of my wedding was watching the ladies put on those headpieces because everyone was just blown away.  So not only is she a great planner/designer but she's also super crafty! I’m obviously a huge jlp! fan!    

Jessica Futo, Napa Valley, Vintner

Julia Lake was beyond exceptional throughout our entire planning process.  We got her contact information from a friend, had one meeting with her and we knew immediately that she was the exact person we wanted to help plan our most special day.  Our wedding seemed like an almost impossible task because it was held at our family winery which had never hosted an event before.  There were so many obstacles we had to work though, and not only work through them, but work through them perfectly.  And she did it! I can honestly say it was the most perfect day.  Her ability to have made our vision into a reality was absolutely amazing; I don't know how she did it.  She is honest and trustworthy and has become a great friend through the process.  We can't thank her and her team enough, and we're now constantly itching to throw another party with her.  She is a true magic maker!

Sophie Calvi, Napa Valley, CA, Vintner

Is it not every bride's dream to have a planner who plans a wedding for her that is beyond anything she ever imagined?! Lucky was I to have Julia, who made my wedding day truly the most special day of my life. She knew exactly what I would love & was able to create a "family-style" feeling for 100 of our closest family and friends. Everyone says it was the most intimate, magical wedding they had been to. Julia was able to incorporate heirloom pieces from our family & also find treasures that enhanced the atmosphere. Attention to detail is her speciality & I am already dreaming of a wedding anniversary party!

Melissa Stewart, NYC, Art Advisor

Planning an event with Julia feels like you're planning an event with your best friend-with exceptional taste! We never imagined the evening could turn out as magical as it did and we truly have never seen our barn look more stunning. Julia really has a gift with design. If I wasn't already married I would absolutely have Julia plan my wedding and I will be using her for many a future parties to come- in the barn and beyond! 

Journelle, SoHo, NYC

From impeccable ladies luncheons to glittery evening galas, from holiday fêtes to elegant bachelorettes (that can be a thing!) to champagne-and-dressing-gown-parties-of-one (or two), the lovely lady and party-throwing-maven behind Julia Lake Parties! is most certainly a woman after our own hearts. Obviously, we Journelles love a good party. And after years of experience, we’ve learned that our favorite kind of parties (the ones where time flies and stands still all at once, and cocktails flow endlessly and effortlessly and everything seems to practically spark and sparkle with good-times-electricity and the music is always just right and everyone looks their loveliest because everyone looks their loveliest when they are truly happy and we might just all end up in a silk pajama slumber party after all) are sadly, all too rare. Lucky for all of us, that’s just the kind of party that gets thrown by Julia Lake. Here, she takes us behind closed drawers. - See more here